Symptoms and causes of pain in the back of the knee

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The reason for the sudden pain in the back of the knee is perhaps because you have been overusing your knee or have injured it. The joint of the knee is vulnerable, and the pain in the knee will increase if you jump too hard or run with force. Knee pain is common in the people who are old, mostly overweight or people who do many sports. The risks of pain increase if you play too many sports or put pressure on your knee. Following are the common causes and problem associated with the knee.


Causes of pain in the back of the knee

pain in the back of the knee

pain in the back of the knee

You may experience pain in your knee if

  • You put too much strain on you knee joint
  • You will feel pain around the kneecap
  • If your joint is bleeding or suffering from internet bleeding
  • Your knee joint is infected
  • The gap in the knee joint


Strain or sprain

The common reason that you are suffering from pain is that you have been involved in many activities. Overusing your knee joint may lead to that situation that the tissues of your joint may stretch, or they can be permanently damaged. You can get relief from the simple sprain and strain by various therapies like icing, resting, elevation or compression.


  • It is advised to prevent your knee from future injuries by always warming up before any sports. After sports or exercise, it is recommended to cool down your body by stretching.
  • Increase the level of activity slowly with the passage of time because overusing the joint at one time will harm your knees.


Internet or bleeding in the joint

There are many reasons that the muscle of your joint may break, or the tissue get stretched by leaving your joint with the internal bleeding. The joint of the knee may have bleeding in the spaces which is the reason that you are having pain in the back of the knee. The condition is known as haemarthrosis. Signs of haemarthrosis are

  • Stiffness
  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Warmth
  • Unable to walk
  • Pain while moving the leg


If you have any of these symptoms then immediately go to the doctor for acheckup. The problem cannot be solved with medication. The doctor will advise for surgeryto stop the internal bleeding.


Doctor examination

If you will experience high pain and the pain gets worse when you move your leg then consult your doctor. The pain in the back of the knee is not a good sign because you are unable to do many activities. So following are the cases when you have to consult your doctor immediately


  • When you will be unable to put weight on your knee
  • You experience severe pain while moving, sitting, or standing
  • Your knee clicks or locks
  • You are unable to bend
  • You will feel redness around the knee
  • You feel swelling or numbness
  • Instead of improving your pain gets worse or it is very swollen.


The doctor will advise you to have proper tests to identify the problem.


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