Look out for the things effecting your translation quality

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 Globalization has paved the path for the localization business and now it has reached to a whooping height of $36 billion. With many companies claiming to provide localization services, it seems that translation is a piece of cake – easy, simple and seamless. But the fact is: it is not.

Language translation is more than just conversion of words from one language to another. Words can be so flexible as totake on different meanings in different situations and they can be as rigid as they may not be translated at all. This is the science of language, which is a tough game to handle.Besides all these innate language difficulties, there are certain factors resulting into language translation mistakes, out of sheer our carelessness.

Below are given such factors which can be handled to get the perfect possible translation job done:

Every Native Speaker is not a Translator:

The perception have it that every native person, who can speak a language, can also translate it. The fact is: it is not true. A native speaker may not know the language to be translated or the language to be translated in; hence, it is better to hire a company or a person who is professional and expert translation, having experience in official document translation services or any other translation service required. But turning to any person for translation job can ruin your time and business.

Poorly written source text is a translation disease:

You have hired an expert translator? Amazing! But what if your provided text is full of syntax error, grammatical mistakes or spelling mistakes? Yes, a translator cannot do anything here, but translate what is being provided to him. So, to avoid a fused translation, making no sense, read out your text multiple times to assure provision of a refined text to the translator.

Tell, what you want:

You want an accurate translation, we know, but can you please let the translator know what does an accuracy look like in your view? Translation is not about translation word to word, in fact, translation is translating meanings from one language to another. As meanings are subjective in nature, so to avoid a catastrophe in the end, do let the translator know what meaning making you actually want.

Don’t Compromise class over cost:

If you think translation is an extra thing for your business and it holds a secondary value, then you are mistaken. If you are looking for localization in the global market, then language translation is much important than any other thing. Considering it as a secondary thing, companies go for translators offering less price, which is the biggest mistake. Though, they cost less but the clumsy translation which you gets in hand costs you more due to rewriting or anything. So, it is way better to hire a professional translator with a bit high rates, but with perfect translation.



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