COPD, which is it? A Best Guide Must Know

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COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, is a progressive lung disease that is not completely reversible.


This disease obstructs the airways making breathing very difficult and those who suffer from it have common symptoms ranging from cough shortness of breath with even modest efforts.


The risk factor of COPD is given above all by the cigarette, pipe, cigar and other types of tobacco, but also dall’inalazioni of poor and chemical agents (also asbestos for example, that in more serious cases evolves into asbestosis and mesothelioma) and from household causes of pollution from fuel, such as biomass, which is used for the preparation of food and for the heating.It seems that there is also a correlation between this crippling disease and air pollution, but even if the causes are not yet completely understood.


When you are faced with a patient with cough and breathing difficulties should be suspected that there is a BEGINNING of COPD and therefore should be made more specific tests such as spirometry is used to measure lung function and measures the severity of symptoms by excluding or also evaluating other potential respiratory diseases.


According to the World Health Organization (who is currently fighting a battle against cigarette smoking, and especially against the additives that are added to make them more pleasant), it is the fourth leading cause of death worldwide. The disease has an incidence mortal so high because many times is not treated in time, as it can be exchanged for a simple asthma and therefore, is diagnostic when it is too late and not more treatable.

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