Activities involving in morning desert safari

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Desert means an empty area where you see sand everywhere and the chances of life are too short. Safari means to go from one place to another for enjoyment and pleasing the moments of life. Desert safari is a type of tour to an oasis with family and friends.

Magical way to see the nature

Mornings in the city of Dubai eternally blazing. Every day starts with a morning safari. Depart the city or village for a morning or night to spend the gorgeous and happiest moments of life in the desert landscape that surrounds the Dubai and its related Arabian countries. This safari tour introduces you to the thrill of quad biking, dune bashing, sand surfing and camel riding. For a full day of thrills, you can’t go fallacious with evening desert safari. The girls came from different countries will thrill you by belly dance. Mostly people choose Dubai for visiting and desert safaris. Nowadays, Dubai has become the most visited place for tours and journeys.


desert safari

Activities involving in morning desert safari


Activities involving in morning desert safari, First of all, you will have to book the tickets and get picked up right at your residence. A luxury car will pick up you from your hotel or residence. The car will pick up you around 8:30 am in the morning. The car will bring you straight to the desert in a comfortable way. After that, you will enjoy dune bashing for sometimes. Strap yourself as you will relish in a powerful 4*4 vehicle through the sand. You will feel wonder by the atmosphere of desert Camel riding is very popular in Africa and the Middle East. Camel riding is a tradition of Arabian. Sand boarding is a board sport is homogeneous to is amusement activity and takes place on sand dunes. Quad bike is also known as an all-terrain vehicle. The rider sits on and controls these vehicles like a motorbike. Enjoy some time for taking pictures and beautiful praise landscape. And the last thing that you would not forget is belly dance.

Refresh at the desert barracks with snacks and beverages

During the safari, the team will offer you snacks, sodas, cold drinks and fresh water to freshen you up after the exciting adventure. Moreover, the opportunity to take selfies and grandfies in the Arabic traditional costume named Pandora and Abaya. These pictures will remind your happiest moments in your life. Special horse dance for the kids under the shining stars and more exciting events. Treat yourself with a sympathetic welcome of coffee and Arabic dates.Overnight desert safari will get over with breakfast. I wish you a very best desert safari event with your love ones.


Highlights for desert safari

  • A chance to take a sunny desert experience in the morning light.
  • Up-close experience with camels at a working farm.
  • Opportunity to go dune bashing in a heavy 4*4 roller coaster vehicle.
  • Sweeping desert scenery with skyline sight in the distance.
  • Photographic opportunity.

Some important instructions before booking the tickets

  • Children below four years and younger are not allowed.
  • Pregnant women should not take part in this journey.
  • Each safari vehicle has only six
  • At least two people are necessitated for this activity to take place.
  • Trip Cancellation one day before the journey date, 15% cancellation charges will be applied.
  • If you have joint, neck, back, muscular problems, you should carefully appraise whether to take part. For more visit:

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