6 modern and latest black men haircuts

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 If there is one thing that black men are popular for it has to be their hair. In fact, the hair of black people is something that really sets them apart in the crowd and is actually regarded as beuing one of their most attractive features. The hair texture and color of black men and women is very unique and distinct in comparison to normal hairs. So it is natural for the haircuts for black men and women to be different as well. However, this article is only about the 6 modern and latest black men haircuts.

black men haircuts

Best haircuts for black men

Although there are many but the 6 best black men haircuts that are an instant winner are the following.

  1. Curly cut

The curly cut is the best one for black men who have curly hair and want to do something fun with it. Curly hair can be boring if not styled properly. The texture of curly hair for black men is different than normal curly hair. The upside of having the curly cut means that you won’t have to style your hair every time you go out. Instead running your fingers once or twice through your hair will be good enough.

  1. Buzz cut

This is a simple short haircut and goes very well with a light beard. The whole point of the buzz cut is to trim hair so short that it requires zero maintenance but looks amazing every single time.

  1. Mohawk cut

The Mohawk is not a haircut for the simple ones. However, it is the best choice for black men who dare to be different and want to do something fun and funky every night out. This haircut allows one to play with the hair and style it into a number of different ways.

  1. Taper Fade

If there is one haircut which is exceptionally good and definitely hard to beat than it has to be the taper fade look. This haircut is all about fading the hair from the top of the head to the bottom just above the neck. The intensity of the fade you want your hair to entirely depend on personal preferences. It is not necessarily important to fade your hair overall. Instead, you can do patches of faded hair between thick hairs for a bold look. The fades can also run in different designs.

  1. Flat top

The flat top is more like a bowl-

shaped haircut that sits on top of the head with the sides shaved. This haircut is known as the flat top because in this style the hair resembles the shape of an upside down bowl that sits on the top middle of your head. This haircut is seen on most of the black sportsmen since it is easy to carry and maintain.

  1. Sides shaved with braided long hair

This is a very common black men haircut. In this type of cut, the bottom sides just above the neck are shaved while the rest of the hair is kept in thin braids till the shoulder.

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